Does this make me look fat? We all may have experienced this iconic question in some way. This question alludes to the standard of beauty that everyone drives to meet. The definition of beauty has evolved greatly over the years. The pressure on women to be beautiful in society has changes; it doesn’t disappeared in fact it’s grown larger. It has changed to voluptuous and curvy to slim and curvy. People spend so much of their time pinning to look in certain way, spending hours on doing makeup and getting plastic surgery. What are they even trying to look like? these people make their reality unrecognizable by being fake. By this I did not mean that wearing makeup is wrong or people who wear makeup are fake but to make others accept you due to your own insecurities is wrong. If you will not accept the real you then how can you expect that society will accept you.

Yes I agree that being insecure causes feelings on self-doubt and unwillingness to go out in public just because you think you look ugly. It makes you hide behind a mask of makeup. It makes you feel lowly and undesired by all of the society. Yeah a lot of people have felt that way. I have but guess what? I got over it. You just can’t lie in self-pity and self-doubt whole your life. There are many other big problems that people face besides being insecure about themselves. But the concern is that many women out there in the world do dieting just to get slim body. They want to look like the actors, or fit in the descriptions of songs that being played now-a-days.

Dieting or having plastic surgery both of these have very harmful effects to the human body, many people may even die from foo disorder and what if something bad happen during your surgery if it is not performed well.

Everybody feels pressure because it is pressure from us. The only wqay to stop this by not supporting “things” that advance this idea and by not feeding into it, so in the end it will eventually die. The beauty standard will always be around unless we do something to change it. And the first step for that is the person should always remember that he/she is perfect the way they are. They do not have to change themselves for others to accept them in a person. Inner beauty matters more than outer beauty.

By:Kishika Arora,

BBA 2nd Sem

JIMS Engineering Management Technical College

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