Password plays a very important role to secure your personal data, financial data and all your Google accounts. Passwords helps a person to keep all his information private and safe but there are many ways in which hackers can crack your passwords. So, you have to create a strong password so that hackers cannot crack your password. The hackers can use your passwords for many purposes. Their main purpose is to hack your password and then use it to withdraw money from your bank. The hackers can also use your passwords to gain access to your Gmail account as once they hack your Gmail account, then they have access to all of your personal data and social accounts. Then they can change your social account password through Gmail and misuse it for many purposes, like they upload many things in your social account and they also message anyone any one from your account.

Hackers can also hack your password by sending you a survey through your Gmail account and ask you to fill that survey and if you fill that survey then they can get access to your password. Few days back I got a mail in which they have asked me to fill a survey and in that survey they have asked me to fill the personal details, once I filled that survey my Gmail account got hacked and then they changed all my Gmail and social account passwords. So in future if you got any survey which is unknown to you and in that they have asked you to fill your personal information then never ever fill that survey as they are the hackers. Hackers will give you some greed to hack your password like they tell you something that is for your benefit and once you do that which the hacker has been asked you to do then they can get access to your password. Many times hackers also calls you and asks you for your personal information or information related to the bank and if someone gives his information then his account should be hacked. So never tell your personal information to anyone who is not known to you.

Hackers can also get your password through logging into your account as they can log on to your Gmail account and use your personal information as a password and once they can get your password they can change it and get access to all your financial and social accounts. Hackers have many ways to hack your account like the will give you some greed or they will use your personal information or they will ask you to fill a survey, so that they can get access to your password. Once they get access to your password they will hack all you financial, Google and social accounts and then they misuse it.


If you want that the hackers did not crack your password then you have to choose a strong password for your all accounts which includes financial, social and Google accounts. In order to choose a strong and secure password:-

· Your password must be lengthy so that no hacker will get access to your password easily. If your password is short then it is very easy for the hacker to hack your password and gets access to all your accounts.

· Your password must contains at least 15–20 characters which includes at least one special character, one upper case letter, one lower case letter and at least one number without all this your password must not be strong and it is easy for the hacker to hack your password. Strong password is like JalAbpuliPUli@392790, this password contains everything which is required to make a strong and secure password.

· Your password must not contain any personal information as firstly the hacker tries to hack you Google account and in your Google account he uses your personal information as a password. If you use your personal information as your password then there are many chances that the hacker must hack your password. Personal information like your name, your phone number, your house number and your parent name. it must not include any thing which is personal to you, which everyone knows about you.

· Your password must contain words which are different. Your password must not contain the name of any state, city or any monument as it is easy for the hacker to hack your password.

· Always use a password that you must remember. In order to make your password strong and unique don’t use such words which you will forget in one day only. Always use that password which you must remember.

· Don’t save your password anywhere or don’t share your password with any of your friend or anyone who is unknown to you.

· If you want that the hacker did not hack your password then you have to change your password on a regular basis with this the hacker cannot easily hack your password.

· Never ever use the same password for multiple sites or for multiple accounts as it is easy for the hacker to hack your password and also never use a simple password.

So, these are some tips which help you to create your password strong and secure and it also protects your password from getting hacked. With these tips your password must not get hacked easily and all your accounts will be saved from hackers.

By:Rohit Kumar

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