A harmless tale of Marxism

A man wearing a black cap, his face was covered with a dirty handkerchief and he has constantly struggling to open a half stuck window and finally he manages to jump through it, all the lights of the mansion were dim because its midnight, he had been planning for this robbery from weeks until tomorrow where he finally decided to execute it, he knew that the nurse left at 7 pm and guard on the gate was usually on his phone with earphone plugged in.So, their is no hurdle left. His aim was to make a loot as fast as possible but clearly where his destiny was heading he has no clue. This mansion belongs to Sir Rajveer Singh a former business tycoon. He had established a whole industry of Electronics and build an empire for his family but sadly only few of them are left to cherish it. His wife died from breast cancer on their 26th wedding anniversary, his daughter has been happily married to a British actor and they’re live in London. His only son Rishi Singh had started various ventures but failed majorly because of his ill attitude and many called him a spoiled rich brat. Both of his children visits him only twice a year, one on his birthday and another on RakshaBandhan. So, its seems very easy to robe a71 year old belongings. Prowler was looking for anything valuable because he had vague Idea about the inside. He has now found Rajveer’s room and slowly steps into it and move towards his closet but it’s too dark to see anything and suddenly steps on the wire of lamp standing next to the bed where the old man sleeping and break it. A harsh loud noise awake the man and saw the thief. Out of fear he starts shooting “guard help” and in this sudden panic thief picked up the lamp from the floor and Hit right on his head, the old man faint. Now thief was in stress and horrific thoughts are all over his head, thief gets a little relief after checking his pulse and then sprinkles some water on him. The man gain his senses but he is in pain and his vision was little fussy and then look at the thief and heard the man is weeping and apologizing. He ask “what do you want” and thiefin a very low voice replies“I need money my mother had a operation last year but it was not successful and doctors demand another surgery but we are very poor,I am a student and do part time jobs but its hardly cover the household expenses, all the savings was gone into the operation and leftover amount goes to college fees after applying all myscholarships, I will return you whenever I get the job, which is real soon.”The man told him to unfold his handkerchief and open the locker in the closet and tells him the password, it was 11 09 91 my son’s date of birth and order him to pick how much he wants. Rajveer Says “money will change you don’t be greedy, my own son disowned me after getting my money I wish I adopted you instead of giving birth to that brat, I am dying alone with piles of gold and you are living with nothing but its everything.”The man give him enough money and let’s him go. On the very next day, the headlines of the town are the business tycoon Rajveer Singh had died and his all properties are now belongs to a NGO, and according to last entry in his diary he wrote that an encounter with a young man learned me a great lesson and suddenly a breaking news pops out on the screen stating“A young man has been arrested in connection with the robbery.”

By:Siddharth Prabhakar,LAW

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