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Making a career choice can be an over whelming feeling, we all aspire to be highly successful and known in our field of work. Some of us make a choice based on the income a particular profession will provide while others choose it based on what the current market and job trends suggest. But very often if you look around yourself, you will come across people who change their career paths after a few years down the line, leaving their current jobs in search for something different. While financial stability, convenient working hours and a profession highly in demand are…

Our workplaces are the environments where we spend a good chunk of our daily hours. They can vary anywhere between 8–10 hrs and it is of utmost importance that we are surrounded by a team that helps, encourages and equips us to perform our tasks to the best of our abilities rather than to hamper our performance. If the team or people we are working around are hell bent to make our life miserable, it is understood that they neither want anything good for us or the very organization itself. …

Communication is a big part of our every day- life. It does not just consist of spoken language but also non verbal cues we give through our body postures and mannerisms. Our body language plays a huge role when it comes to communication, especially when we are at a job interview. Our body language has a huge impact on how others see us even before we start speaking. Here are some points you can keep in your mind before you walk into your next job interviews.

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1. Be Mindful Of Your Entrance

Walk into the venue with a confident…

The world is going through enough damage already. And we need to surround ourselves with kind and empathetic people. The year 2020 has got everyone talking about the importance of mental health and it was long over- due. People finally got talking about emotional and mental abuse and how detrimental it is to a person’s health. The below mentioned points will help you identify the toxic people around you and how they can affect your mental well being.

1. The Drama Magnets-

These are often people who seem to be surrounded by some or the other controversy or tiff. They…

1. Be who you are and stay true to yourself –

Being unapologetically your-self is easier said than done. We all have somewhere or the other done things and acted in a ways that made us uncomfortable or unhappy; just to please someone else or to simply fit in. If you find yourself saying and doing things that you feel not so good about, just to please someone else, I suggest you stop! People who truly love and care for you will accept you as you are with all your flaws. Those who don’t are simply not your people. …

Our emotions are an integral part of who we are. All the talk about being positive all of the time is doing more harm than good. We all need to acknowledge our feelings and emotions first and then move forward to make constructive changes for our mental health. The first thing you need to realize is that your life is yours more than anyone else’s, you call the shots. Yes external environment does matter but in the end it is you who needs to decide if something is important enough to affect you.

Think of it like owning a car…

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1. Do your Research

Make sure to research the company. You should be aware about their motto and their vision and how that resonates with you. This shows that you are keen on getting the position you have applied for. Go to their social media or website and read about them. A well informed candidate never misses to make an impression.

2. Be confident & Avoid conversation fillers

Show confidence in your own skill set. Avoid the “ummms” and “aaaaans” while at the interview. If you are not someone who’s naturally confident, practice answering some interview questions about your work…

Sayings we need to keep in mind circa- 2021

The year 2020 has been one of the toughest years for so many people in so many different ways. People have lost their loved ones, jobs, businesses have shut down and lockdowns have had detrimental effects on people’s mental health. In the midst of this chaos and unpredictability what we need is to find inspiration to keep at it and not lose hope. Now that we all have had a collective share in our miseries, let’s try and share our inspirations as well.

Here are a few sayings that I found…

The popular education culture in our country often does not encourage us to re-evaluate things we read and learn. We are mostly just pushed to learn without questioning or re-evaluating things. Lately I have found myself wondering about some of the famous life sayings I have been hearing since childhood. I have come to realize, that many of them have lost their relevance today as they are either taken out of context or way too literally!!

Here are a few of them -

1. “ What Doesn’t Kill You Only Makes You Stronger” -

An experience that was so hard…

The world we live in has lately become a very chaotic place. It seems everywhere we go, we seem to either offend or get offended by something someone said. Social media has been a powerful tool by giving a platform to common people and their opinions. Today we are exposed to a variety of different viewpoints on different matters and events happening around the world.

With such a wide reach of the internet, all it takes is a click of a button to get access to any kind of information we desire. …


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